The Scheme

The Consortium shall provide Reverse Vending Machines (RVMS), at strategic locations all over Malta and Gozo.

The Scheme shall be managed and operated by a Consortium, made up of the major Beverage Producers, Importers and Retailers in Malta.

The Beverage Container Refund Scheme is designed to encourage and motivate people to dispose of their containers in an environmentally friendly manner and in return receive the deposit through a cash voucher.

Consumers are encouraged to deposit their respective beverage containers in the RVMs or go to retailers with a manual deposit refund system. RVMs will automatically register the beverage container in accordance with its typology, and henceforth issue a cash voucher accordingly. The voucher has a value of € 0.10 per container, and may be redeemed at retail establishments selling beverages within scope of the Scheme, within twelve months from date of issue. There could be instances whereby consumers would have the opportunity to donate the voucher value to a good cause.

The consumers should adopt a culture whereby beverage containers are stored adequately in preparation to be effectively deposited in the RVMs or given to retailers with a manual deposit refund system. It is pertinent to highlight that unless the typology of the beverage container is maintained, both the RVM and the retailer would not accept it.

In simpler terms, particularly beverage containers made up of plastic, should not be squashed in order to be deposited in the RVMs or given to retailers with an established manual deposit refund system. The Consortium is legally bound to attain the targets for collection and recycling stipulated by the EU Directives and governed by a Licence Agreement issued by Circular Economy Malta.