The Circular Economy Malta (CEMalta) is the designated competent entity, set up by Government, for the Circular Economy under the Environment Protection Act.

The legal persona of the Agency is provided through the Public Administration Act. Circular Economy Malta was approved by Cabinet reference Cap331/XIII/18 and established as an Agency through LN286 of 2018 under the Public Administration Act (CAP 497), thereby establishing the Circular Economy Malta (Establishment) Order (Subsidiary legislation 595.28).

The Government of Malta is committed to reduce the volume of waste currently being disposed of at existent landfills, both for environmental and spatial reasons. In view of this, circular economic activities can play a crucial role in the effective reduction of disposal of waste in landfills. The Ministry for Environment, Energy and Enterprise recognises that a shift in national approach is necessary to improve Malta’s performance in waste management, through improved regulations and financial incentives in an effort to increase recycling and recovery rates and private stakeholder participation.

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