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By: V. Dudley, MD

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The use of oestrogen antagonist clomiphene can lead to Ovarian hyperstimulation Multiple pregnancy Both None 23 arthritis in fingers swollen quality 25mg indocin. Undesirable effects of oral contraceptives include all except (a) Hypertension (b) Cerebral thrombosis (c) Dysmenorrhoea (d) Breast carcinoma 24 arthritis diet nightshade buy indocin 25 mg. Tolbutamide increases (a) Insulin synthesis (b) Sensitivity of receptors (c) Number of insulin receptor (d) All of the above 30 rheumatoid arthritis diet menu generic 75 mg indocin. There are only rare reports of hepatotixicity with currently marketed thiazolidinedione arthritis back diet cheap 25mg indocin,. The inactive derivative of progesterone is (a) 17-hydroxyl progesterone (b) Hydroxy progesterone caproate 32. First-generation sulfonylureas include all the following except (b) Glipizide (a) Acetohexamide (c) Tolazamide (d) Tolbutamide 33. Mechanism of action of oestrogen is through (a) Intracytoplasmic receptors (b) Nuclear receptor (c) Mitochondrial receptor (d) Cellmembrane receptor 36. Insulin causes decrease in the circulating concentration of all amino acids except (b) Histidine (a) Phenylalanine (c) Alanine (d) Arginine 37. The steroid metabolite that acts as main regulator of gonadotrophin secretion is. The steroid having role in promoting maturation of the lung in foetus is (a) Androgen (b) Estrogen (c) Progestine (d) Glucocorticoids 49. Receptors for steroid hormones can be found in the (a) Plasma membrane (b) Cytosol (c) Mitochondria (d) Ribosomes 51. The binding of insulin to the insulin receptor triggers (a) the interaction of the receptor with protein G (b) the activation of adenylcyclase (c) the activation of phospholipase C (d) Tyrosine kinase activity 52. Gout is characterized by elevated uric acid concentrations in blood and urine due to a variety of metabolic abnormalities that lead to the overproduction of purine nucleotides. The accumulation of in the lens produces cataracts in diabetic patients: (a) Glucose (b) Galactose (c) Galactitol (d) Sorbitol 54. Drug for therapy of acromegaly (a condition in which there is oversecretion of growth hormone in an adult) and of bleeding oesophageal varices is. Warfarin interacts with this antiasthmatic drug and increases prothrombin time (b) Zafirlukast (a) Budesonide (c) Salmeterol (d) Bambuterol 60. The gonadal hormones like estrogens, androgens and progestin bind with: (a) Receptors located in the cytoplasm (b) Receptors located in the nucleus of the cell (c) Receptors located in the contractile vacuoles (d) None of the above 64. Mechanism of action of antithrombic agent is, (a) Conversion of plasminogen to plasmin (b) Activation of clotting factors (c) Inhibition platelet function endoCrine pharmaCology 2. Hypnotics: Drugs which produce drowsiness and facilitate the onset and maintenance of a state of sleep resembling natural sleep and from which the recipient can be aroused easily. Anticonvulsant: Diazepam, Clonazepam, Clobazam Anti-anxiety and Amnesia Anti-convulsant action C entral n ervous system 2. Seizures develop when the balance between excitatory and inhibitory mechanisms is disturbed at the cellular or the synaptic level. A sustained depolarization of the membrane with a burst of action potentials arise in the epilepsy which are Na+ dependent at their onset and Ca+2 dependent at the end. During seizures of almost all types, the extracellular concentration of Ca+2 drops significantly. Solitary lesions of neurocysticercosis are an important cause of epilepsy in India. Epileptic seizures have been classified into partial seizures, which begin focally in a cortical site, and generalized seizures, which involve both hemispheres widely from the outset. Barbiturates induce the metabolism of many drugs and reduce their effect Example, Warfarin, steroids and oral contraceptives, tolbutamide, griseofulvin etc. Movement disorders can be divided into: (a) Akinetic rigid syndromes (parkinsonism) in which there is paucity of movement (akinesia or bradykinesia) often accompanied by an increase in muscle tone (rigidity) and (b) Hyperkinesias or dyskinesias which are associated with excessive abnormal involuntary movements. With dopamine deficiency, there is acetylcholine hyperactivity; this may be a mechanism for parkinsonian symptoms. So stimulation of D1 excitatory as well as D2 inhibtory receptors in the striatum, net effect exerts as reduced muscle rigidity and tone.

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If a community mental health center is nearby arthritis upper back pain exercises safe 25mg indocin, the patient can frequently be treated at home after the diagnosis is established arthritis in lower back sciatica buy indocin 50mg. The public health nurse may also be able to give relatives valuable advice in regard to local treatment facilities arthritis in dogs metacam quality indocin 75 mg. In New Jersey rheumatoid arthritis zandu generic indocin 75 mg, under the Beadleson Act, the homebound patient is entitled to continued schooling. The sedation was produced by hot baths or packs, paraldehyde, sodium amytal, or morphine-scopolamine. Every means was needed to keep the patient from dying of acute psychotic exhaustion. In spite of rotating methods of sedative therapy, tube feeding, and hot packs, many patients died. Odegard, in a study involving Norwegian hospitals, says: "This was the period of mental hygiene: prevention was stressed, because the prognosis was so bad for fully fledged mental disorders. The high hopes of a prevention have hardly been fulfilled even today, whereas the dramatic improvement in therapeutic results was quite unexpected. Starting from 1935, the discharge rate was doubled in five years, and in ten years it was trebled. The real change was in the severe schizophrenics who might otherwise have remained hospitalized for years or their lifetime. They found that a single convulsion could be safely produced by the application of an alternating current to the head. Both of these therapies shortened hospitalization or produced complete remission of the disease in some patients. When given in moderation, no more often than every other day to the nondominant side of the brain (the right side in right-handed and the left side in left-handed patients), the treatment may be well tolerated but it can also get out of hand. We know from treating epileptics that the seizures of epilepsy will decorticate (produce a vegetable) a young patient by the age of six years. The goal in epilepsy is to reduce the harmful seizures to no more than one a week. Electrically-induced seizures are just as debilitating to the brain as is grand mal epilepsy, and so should be limited. It is indeed sad that the middle-class, insurance paying, employed patients with allergies and depression are getting a dubious quick fix rather than adequate diagnosis and treatment. Instead of receiving gentle drug treatments, these five patients had five points taken off their I. Today we know that many psychotic patients are merely that way due to biochemical imbalances. Today, one must adopt a philosophy of treatment wherein all therapeutic measures are used in a progressive fashion to either prevent hospitalization or restore a hospitalized patient to community living. The first move should be talking therapy of a supportive nature, reduction of environmental stress, and mega-nutrient therapy. Only after these have been tried, should antipsychotic drugs be included alongside the nutrients. Is the patient taking basic nutrients at doses that will combat environmental stress Only if none of these alternative diagnoses prove positive, and severe suicidal depression or severe psychotic symptoms remain, should electroconvulsive therapy begin. In such cases, it may be the only treatment available and then may be ineffective! For some time they were described as the "major" tranquilizers to distinguish them from the "minors" of the antianxiety type. These agents are unrelated chemically to previously known sedatives or sleep-producing compounds. Pharmacologically, psychotropics differ in these respects: they do not (in overdose) produce anesthesia; they tend to increase muscle tone of the tongue and face and lower the convulsive threshold; and they have a negligible production of drug dependence or habit formation.

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  • Have your blood pressure checked at least every year (pressure should be 130/80 mm/Hg or lower)
  • You are older than 60 to 65
  • Developmental coordination disorder
  • Vomiting
  • Neuroblastoma (rare)
  • Growth of the testes and penis
  • You will wake several minutes after ECT and will not remember the treatment. A health care team will monitor you closely after the procedure.
  • Withdrawal from social interaction
  • Ultrasound of the kidneys
  • Thyroid hormone